Flynn-Burhoe, Maureen. 2003. “Positive Presence of Absence: A History of the African Canadian Community through Works in the Permanent Collection of the National Gallery of Canada.” last
uploaded November 21, 2003. Aerial views of Charlottetown Prince Edward Island showing area once known as the Bog, home to the African Canadian community of the nineteenth century. The Bog School was near Beaconsfield, designed by Robert Harris’ brother, the architect. Robert Harris decorated the interior of the Chapel of Ease, the church attended by the residents of the Bog.

2 Responses to “Sarah Harvie, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island”

  1. jinny Says:

    Hi, I’m creating an educational display for high school students in PEI, and am wondering if I can have your permission to use the image on this webpage if I quote the source:


  2. Hi Jinny,

    I’m very pleased that this can be useful to Island students. Yes, you can use the material here. Most of my work is copyrighted using the Creative Commons License 2.5 which is BY-NC-SA. It is the license used by many educators.

    This Black History month I have been uploading more of my research developed for Positive Presence of Absence that might be useful. I will include the addresses below.

    Maureen Flynn-Burhoe

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