Dashboard for Dummies: Self-submitting and auto-generation

March 13, 2008

This freeze-screen image WordPress, Flickr and Digg is from my Flickr album.
Wordpress and digg: Self-submitting and the auto-generation of headlines, descriptions and categories. Bricoleur/bricoleuse refers to a do-it-yourself model of using social media as a way to share resources by producing a bricolage of content, codes and connectivity with tools, methods and technologies usually created for another purpose.

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One Response to “Dashboard for Dummies: Self-submitting and auto-generation”

  1. spam comment Says:

    ..”About nanotechnology. Check it and give me your opinion. Nanotechnology is an essentially modern scientific field that is constantly evolving as commercial and academic interest continues to increase and as new research is presented to the scientific community. The foundations of nanotechnology have emerged over many decades of research in many different fields. Computer circuits have been getting smaller. Chemicals have been getting more complex. Biochemists have learned more about how to study and control the molecular basis of organisms. Mechanical engineering has been getting here more precise.”

    The above is a comment left on this post. The url I removed led to Russian sites with no relation to content. Another example of the misuse of web 2.0 . . .

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