Digg Categories: taxonomy

February 29, 2008

Digg is a popular social news site and a User Generated Content Site. Registered Digg.com users can submit stories they want to promote to digg and users click-vote to digg or undigg the submission.

Digg Categories: taxonomy

Digg.com limits entries to categories and subcategories as shown in this image. (draft: in process).

In his February 19, 2008 article entitled “Digg Gets More Mainstream; But Are Their News Sources Too Narrow Now?ReadWriteWeb‘s Richard MacManus (2008) questioned the number of digg frontpages certain sites received between c. January 19 and February 19, 2008. Ars Technica = 87; Gizmodo = 84; Engadget = 67; Torrentfreak = 36; Techcrunch = 12; Valleywag = 9; ReadWriteWeb = 6; Mashable = 4; Gigaom = 4; VentureBeat = 2; CenterNetworks = 1.

These sites are under the category Technology which has subcategories as illustrated in this image.

One reader commented that  Ars Technica used better code which automatically generated a title and description for articles submitted to digg.

When I dugg this article, using Ars Technica  button it did generate it’s own title and description. Digg This

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[a href=”http://castor.arstechnica.com/digg/link.ashx?url=http%3a%2f%2farstechnica.com%2fjournals%2fscience.ars%2f2008%2f02%2f28%2fgraduate-education-tries-student-driven-peer-review&title=Graduate+education+tries+student-driven+peer+review&bodytext=Professors+teaching+a+graduate-level+class+try+integrating+peer+review+into+the+students’+classwork.” class=”ShareLink”><img src=”http://castor.arstechnica.com/digg/image.ashx?url=http%3a%2f%2farstechnica.com%2fjournals%2fscience.ars%2f2008%2f02%2f28%2fgraduate-education-tries-student-driven-peer-review” alt=”Digg This” /][/a]

Ars Technica, (art of technology) was founded in c. 2000 to provide original news and reviews, analysis of technology trends, and expert advice by authors who are technically savvy, knowledgable in human arts, sciences as well as in law and politics. Ars writers express strongly-held opinions but use measured judgments to carefully relay contexts so they never devolve into becoming dogmatic or attempting to become a new form of computing religion. Without art, knowledge is nothing (sine ars, scientia nihil est) and technology is the “art” at the forefront of the 21st century.  

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