Panorama from Malahat

May 17, 2007

Panorama from Malahat

Originally uploaded by ocean.flynn.

This outdoor sketch was completed in a few hours at the Malahat look-out this summer. I’ve just joined the Plein Art Artists Group. Jan, one of the members wondered whether my digitally altered painting (which included an insert of Vancouver in the distance) was what the Plein Art Group had intended for their members. Since I’m also in Flickr’s Adobe PhotoShop Group I’ve replaced this with the original unaltered outdoor sketch for the plein air artists.

We returned to this site not along ago: We stopped at the Mill Bay Tim Horton’s take out on the way to the Malahat. We sipped our coffee and drank in the view. It was the clearest we’ve ever seen it. The glaciers of Mount Baker were clearly visible but what left me breathless were the skyscrapers of Vancouver shimmering in the distance behind Mount Newton on Saanich Peninsula. Vancouver — we’ll be there for our son’s wedding in a few weeks! It would be almost impossible to record with an ordinary camera. So I played with Adobe and inserted a tiny digital image of the Vancouver skyline into this scanned image of a small acrylic sketch. Mill Bay is center-left. Mount Tuam on Saltspring Island is in the center. Mount Baker was visible off to the right although not shown here.

See also Malahat on Youtube and Malahat on WordPress, Youtube and Flickr

Uploaded by ocean.flynn on 16 Oct 06, 10.34PM MDT.


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