Information overload, GMO policy makers play roles of Mystery Dinner guests

November 20, 2006

Do biotech policy makers regulate the industry using barbeques and ‘dinner theatre’ as modus operandi? This report brilliantly combines In-depth interviews with Canada’s key players in knowledge management on GM crops with contemporary theory from the social sciences and the humanities in the spirit of nuanced dialectics in a democratic forum.

Shields, Rob and Sanders, Carrie. 2006. ” Biotech Barbeque:A Regulatory Figuration and Policy Making.” Fast Capitalism. 2:1.

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A spam was sent to my comment box on this post. It is part of a new wave of spam that looks quite similar. I sent the following email to the companies below. Not surprisingly my mail delivery subsystem sent me a Delivery Status Notification saying that delivery to the failed permanently as the domain name was not found:


I received a new comment on my blog post “Information overload, GMO policy makers play roles of Mystery Dinner guests” supposedly sent by Michale Wolfe with an e-mail address

Your websites are all included in this spam message. I thought you would want to know. In the spam comment Michale Wolfe claims as his site. He also inserted these urls

The spam content included “missment tripudium noctiluminous criticizingly preconsolidation infrastructure nerthridae predisadvantageous.”

My blogs have a very good spam filter but this kind seems to get through at least temporarily. It does make your companies look as if they might be connected with this disruptive, time-consuming spam, which is unfortunate because I think all of us (perhaps including Michale Wolfe, if he is a real embodied person) have been victims of spammers. I thought you would like to know.


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